Optimize ferritin levels with Blood Vitality

An iron formula you can rely upon to safely raise ferritin levels within 30 days, that’s easy to digest and outperforms all other irons we have tested clinically without the side effects associated with most irons.


Hi, I’m Dr. Matt Angove, in my 10 years as a Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve seen thousands of patients, but the one complaint that most of my patients have in common is a lack of energy. Many of my patients who lack energy also have anemia. However, trying to increase my patients’ ferritin levels proved to be a challenge. Even among other health professionals, it seemed that there was either a vain attempt made to increase ferritin levels through various supplements or it was overlooked altogether.

For example, I saw practitioners dismissing patients based on a normal CBC while iron deficiency symptoms were readily present. This was before they understood the importance of optimal ferritin levels.

I also saw midwives giving their pregnant patients massive doses of B vitamins and protein but missing the fact that their ferritin, which is needed to facilitate optimal energy transfer, was not in range.

I could go on, but I have seen this lack of clarity over and over because, in full transparency, that was my story too. In fact, on multiple occasions using Iron bisglycinate I saw ferritin levels go from the 20’s to less than 10. This actually happened to my wife!

Not only that but the same patients who I told “this will be a simple fix and within a month you should be feeling like your old energized self”, they were now complaining of heartburn, bloating, nausea, and constipation from the very products that were supposed to be helping them.

I started resorting to intravenous iron and intramuscular injections of iron. However, this is costly, time-consuming, and carries a much higher risk for me and my patients, overall, making this route of blood building very challenging with compliance.

I was desperate for a formula that worked because the run-of-the-mill iron formulas on the market weren’t cutting it. This is why I developed Blood Vitality.

My Most Vulnerable Group for Iron Deficiency

My Most Vulnerable Group for Iron Deficiency

The most vulnerable group for ferritin deficiency in my practice is teenage girls. Though iron deficiency is a worldwide problem affecting all ages and sexes, over and over again, I see young ladies who are struggling with depression, lack of motivation, fatigue,...

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